go top Green Tea/White Tea Preparation For green tea brewing, a lower temperature 65 to 80 degrees Centigrade (150-175 degrees Fahrenheit) is recommended. Steep for about 2-3 minutes. Use 1 teaspoon of tea for every 8-12 ounces of water depending on your taste. If you use the same leaves for a second and/or more serving do it right away. Usually green tea and white tea leaves can be have up to fourth serving. If the leaves sit for more than 2 hours discard them and brew a fresh pot. Low temperature can preserve the green color, flavor, and nutrition of high-end green tea. Put tea leaves into the teapot first; pour in the medium temperature water ( or you can pour 70% of hot water first, and immediately followed by the 30% cold water at room temperature); then, leave the tea pot or tea glass open to air so that the quality preserved. Leave the tea pot open is critical to green tea/white tea preparation. Never boil/cook the green tea leaves!

go topOolong Tea Preparation Oolong tea, has a unique way to brewing and serving as KungFu tea. Oolong tea serving is one of the important elements of Tea Arts, and it included 15 steps for the whole process. This is why we call it KungFu tea – it does not mean “boxing tea”, but describe the skillful procedure it needs to fulfill. It also can have teacups for smelling oolong tea aroma and teacups for drinking KungFu tea. This unique process attracts a lot of people to try it. Please check out our details descriptions for KungFu tea brewing and serving procedure.

go topRed Tea and Black Tea Preparation Red tea and black tea brewing using 100% hot water at or almost at the boiling point temperature. For Chinese KungFe Red Tea and XiaoZhong Red Tea brewing, pour the boiling water into the tea cup or pot with tealeaf inside. Never cook these tealeaf with water since these two red tea types are considered high end red tea; for Broken Red Tea (Indian Red Tea, or English Red Tea), they can be boiled with water. If you boil tea leaves with water, you can cook the tea leaves for up to 30 minutes with the cover closed.

go topIced Tea Preparation Iced green tea is a delicious and invigorating drink during the summer months. It is also a healthy thirst quencher after any form of aerobic exercise. To prepare iced green tea you should not use a teapot. Use a large pyrex or heat resistant glass container. (A spare pyrex coffee container will work just fine). Pour hot water over double the amount of tea that you would normally use for hot tea. In case you are brewing green ice tea, use the same water temperature as brewing hot green tea; the quantity of tea leaves can be doubled. Fill the container until it is half full. After the tea has steeped for about 2 minutes put ice into the container until it is full. Most of the ice will melt almost immediately and dilute the tea to its proper level. After approximately 1 minute you can pour over ice and serve. Some people like to pour it over a tea net to trap all of the loose leaves. Some don't. It is delicious both ways. If the container you use doesn't have a lid that traps most of the leaves then you should use a net. Preparing iced tea in this manner will preserve the taste, aroma, color, and health enhancing qualities of the tea.

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